Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What kind of photo is required?

The photo needs to be a recent color head and shoulders passport size photo. This requirement is for your identity protection so we just need to be able to identify you if necessary. It can be a color copy of your Drivers License or Human Resources picture.


2. I attended a Community College and had courses transferred that is stated on my transcripts-Do I need to enclose those transcripts?

Yes, all transcripts must be included or emailed directly to NCBRTL from the school's registrars office.


3. Is it OK if my transcripts are sent directly from my school? Also, can my Internship Supervisor mail in the Clinical Performance Appraisal and Summary Reference(CPASRF)  separately?

Yes, but please send documentation

(i.e., marriage certificate etc) if your name has changed.


4. Do I need to list all the courses on the application if they are on my transcripts?

Yes, this helps the Board to complete the review in a timely manner


5. I graduated some years ago and am NCTRC Certified, Do I need to complete the Internship Performance Form?

Yes, Licensure is not considered reciprocal with certification therefore all requirements stated in the North Carolina law (GS Chapter 90C) must be met. The Internship Performance Form documents that, in your internship supervisor’s judgment, you are competent to practice as a recreational therapist.


6. How do I as a licensed recreational therapist provide supervision to a licensed recreational therapy assistant?

First and foremost, review the responsibilities and requirements outlined in Rules .0204, .0205 and the ATRA Standards of Practice for supervision of the LRTA. The LRTA will be required to submit the LRTA Supervision Form with their renewal application.