Board Information

Board Members are sworn to uphold Chapter 90C in the effort to protect the public by assuring all RT Practitioners meet established criteria.  Board members are appointed for 3 year terms.

NCBRTL meets monthly, the last Wednesday of each month.

Chair: Suzanne Thompson                                                                                   Members: 8

Vice Chair/Tres: Beth Baily                                                                  

Secretary: Tracy Warren                                                                                    Cite: GS 90C-5

NCBRTL Executive Director: Becky Garrett LRT/CTRS, e-mail


Governor Appointees
LRT Engaged in Training

Judith Kinney, PhD, LRT/CTRS 6/2016
University of North Carolina Greensboro
Community & Therapeutic Recreation
Greensboro, NC

Practicing LRT

Suzanne Thompson,LRT/CTRS6/30//15-6/30/2018
Wake Forest Univ. Baptist Med. Ctr.
Box 1110 Med Ctr Blvd
Winston-Salem, NC 20157-1207
Doretha Maxwell, LRTA
Cape FearValley Hospital
Fayetteville, NC
Dr. John Aguilar, 6/30/2015-2018
Wake Health Med Center
Box 1110 Med Ctr Blvd
Winston Salem, NC 27157-1110


President Pro Tempore Appointees
Practicing LRT
Elizabeth Bailey, LRT/CTRS 6/30/14-6/30/17
25 Bridgeport Dr
Durham, NC 27713

Public Member
Michael Atkins, 6/30/2010-6/30/2016
5913 Carmel Lane
Raleigh, NC 27609
Speaker of the House Appointees
Public Member

Tracey Warren 6/30/2015-6/15/2019
Practicing LRT
Latetia Cheltenham 6/30/2014-6/30/2017
Nexsen Pruet
628 Doddington Dr
Rolesville NC

Becky Garrett,LRT/CTRS
NCBRTL, Executive Director
PO Box 2655
Durham ,NC 27715




Board Meetings

The North Carolina Board of Recreational therapy (NCBRTL) meets the last Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM by conference call.  The conference call number is (712) 432‑0360 and the access number is 943154

The list of 2017 meetings scheduled are:

January 31, 2017

Febuary 28, 2017

March 29, 2017

April 26, 2017

May 31, 2017

June 28, 2017



Board Minutes


Date of Meeting Minutes
October 26 PDF
November 2 PDF
November 30 PDF