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Disciplinary List

NameAgencyIssueSanctionDate of Sanction (Start)Date of Sanction (End)
Ericka Vereen Triangle Springs Behavioral Health Hospital NCBRTL has determined you were in violation of the ATRA ethical standards and ATRA Standards of Practice as stated below: American Therapeutic Recreation Association Standards of Practice- · Standard #7 Ethical Conduct- which states that the recreational therapist and the recreational therapy assistant adhere to the ATRA Code of Ethics in providing patient/client treatment and care that are humane and professional. American Therapeutic Recreation Association Code of Ethics- · Principle #1 Benevolence- Recreational Therapy personnel shall treat persons served in an ethical manner by actively making efforts to provide for their well-being by maximizing possible benefits and relieving, lessening, or minimizing possible harm. · Principle #2 Non-Malfeasance- Recreational Therapy personnel have an obligation to use their knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgment to help persons while respecting their decisions and protecting them from harm.Placed on probation for a period of one year (Jan 1, 2024-Dec 31, 2024). The Board requires the submission of quarterly reports indicating at least one educational or remedial action to address at least one of the following topics: behavioral health practice, anger management, stress management, and ethical practices. Is required to attend the NCBRTL Compliance and Ethics (C&E) training in March 2024.01/25/202412/31/2024